Fulfilling the Great Commission through collaboration.

The Great Commission Foundation is a team of skilled administrative and accounting personnel dedicated to using their talents and expertise to enable people to follow God’s calling to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency for charitable work (#85992 8483 RR0001).

Board Members

Welcome to The Great Commission Foundation, where dedication to God and charity admin. expertise converge at the highest level to drive our mission to help fulfill the Great Commission alongside our brother's and sister's in Christ. Our Board of Trustees is a distinguished group of individuals who bring a wealth of experience, passion, and commitment to help guide our ministry in it's collaborative mission to further God's Kingdom and help people around the world. Each trustee possesses a unique background and set of skills, and together they form the backbone of our foundation's leadership. Learn more about our esteemed board members below, and discover the driving forces behind our unwavering commitment to help fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Meet the Team
Stuart Rempel
Founder/ Chairman of the Board
David Anderson
Board Trustee
Norm Schulz
Board Trustee
Nestor Turczan
Board Trustee

Our Mission

To simplify ministry and mission by providing donor, administrative, and compliance expertise.

Our Vision

To fulfill the Great Commission through collaboration.

Our Mandate and Working Relationships with Missions

GCF works exclusively with Christian ministries and projects in a dynamic cooperative relationship. Ministries and projects engage in outreach activities and provide on-site personnel on the mission field, while GCF provides essential administrative and accounting expertise. GCF enables our Agents to focus on the ministry work to which God has called them. It is a team effort working towards common goals: the advancement of the Christian faith, the furtherance of education, and the relief of poverty.

What makes us unique?

The Great Commission Foundation is a solution for individuals, missionaries, non-profits, charities, churches, and project-based ministries. We can help those whose goals align with ours by bringing them on as an agent (a ministry project).

  • Our charitable purposes are the advancement of the Christian faith, the furtherance of education, and the relief of poverty.

  • We are a place for non-profits and missionaries. Not all projects and ministries fit into a traditional ministry model. Often people find God calling them to a specific people group or type of ministry. Yet, their project or ministry does not fall into the criteria of any current mission board. These individuals, projects, or ministries are non-profit but not necessarily recognized charities; we are a great solution to allow them to move forward in ministry and missions.

  • We are a solution for both new and established churches. New church plants find it liberating to utilize our expertise, which includes donor services, payroll, and guidance in administrative and financial best practices to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Established churches are often presented with great outreach or mission opportunities by their congregation, but when these ministry opportunities do not match their charitable purposes, the Great Commission Foundation can be the solution.

  • We help registered charities. Many Christian charities are finding it increasingly difficult to find solutions for their administrative and accounting needs. In addition, adhering to the compliance requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency can be challenging, yet meeting these standards is vital to retaining charitable status. We come alongside registered charities, providing services that reduce the burden of administration and remove the weight of determining how to fulfill their compliance requirements. Providing this relief allows the charity to focus more time on ministry work.

  • We provide options for organizations with Canadian donors. Nonprofit organizations with Canadian donors who do not have charitable status in Canada, but have the same charitable purposes as The Great Commission Foundation, can join us as an agent (a ministry project). We provide donor services, including official tax receipts, to financial supporters.

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Our Projects

We have projects working all around the world: while each one has a unique ministry, the ultimate goal for all our projects is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ

Cypress Hills Camp

Cypress Hills Camp is a Bible Camp and Conference Centre located in the amazing Cypress Hills Provincial Park near Maple Creek, SK, Canada.

Surfing the Nations

Surfing The Nations desires to impact communities throughout the nations through training, selfless service and action sports.

El Camino - Koenes

We are a mission-based center located in San Carlos, Sonora, with a purpose and passion for encouraging the local Mexican evangelical churches.


I have worked as an agent with The Great Commission Foundation for almost 10 years and found them to be invaluable. They provide integrity and accountability for ministry and also have opened up resources which give more visibility. I have ministered the gospel in several countries and watched hundreds of people become Christians. Without this ministry, this could not have happened.
John McGregor Ministries - John McGregor
I see and have experienced the value of having a foundation like this, that uplifts and comes alongside missionaries. The Great Commission Foundation is like a launching pad for missionaries to be sent out across the earth and I think they do a great job of stewarding and cultivating a foundation that supports that.
OneEleven Global - Rachel Wiebe
I can see the commitment to fulfill the Great Commission and help others do that, too.
Wycliffe Associates - Bob Chambers

Trusted by Many

The Great Commission Foundaition works with ministry projects worldwide, ensuring they operate with financial integrity and transparency, using biblical principles and government compliance requirements to guide our processes and help the ministry work continue.


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Since 2002, The Great Commission Foundation has enabled ministry projects to thrive by providing charity admin expertise and guidance while promoting collaboration in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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