Fulfilling the Great Commission through collaboration.

The Great Commission Foundation is a team of skilled administrative and accounting personnel dedicated to using their talents and expertise to enable people to follow God’s calling to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We are is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency to do charitable work.

How do we help with ministry?

The Great Commission Foundation works with ministries of many types and sizes. We want to see people working in ministry thrive, and we believe that by providing charity administration expertise and guidance, we can free people to focus on the mission work God has called them to.

Professional Services In addition to our office staff and the expertise they provide, the Great Commission Foundation engages charity specialists, including a Charity Specialist Lawyer, to assist with understanding CRA requirements and changes, as well as a professional Charity Specialist Auditor (MNP) to conduct an annual audit of the Foundation.

We enable our ministry projects (Agents) to benefit from these crucial services without having to bear the burden of the high financial or time investment costs associated with these services.
U.S. Services Friends of the Great Commission is our USA-based 501c3 charity, registered with the IRS. It has the same mandate to join people, ministries, and projects to help fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

As a registered charity in the U.S., and an affiliate of The Great Commission Foundation, we are able to serve donors and charities in both Canada and the U.S.


The Great Commission is an amazing outfit that has given us opportunities to grow with their many resources. They are very thorough, they are God centered and people oriented.
Freedom's Doors Society - John Oakley
They have been so easy to work with and provide all that we need for us to function in this ministry that God has called us to. We really have loved working with them and very thankful for them all!
Multiplied Impact - Joanne Hinzelman
The Great Commission Foundation staff are not there just as a "job", the relationship you gain with your Advisor is amazing, they are an encouragement and prayer support.
Climbing for Christ - Brandy Fisher

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge an administrative fee for the cost of our services. The percentage is determined based on several factors, including potential revenue, level of risk, and complexity of the ministry work. Our goal is always to give the best rate we can, which will be determined during the application and vetting process.

No. We work with Canadian charities, as well as a range of other ministry types that are able to fulfill our charitable mandates.

We keep separate financial records for each agent (ministry project) by using fund accounting. As an agent (ministry project), you can access revenue and expense information and download reports 24/7, using a cloud-based reporting system.

Payroll is available to Canadian citizens. Contract payments are a great solution if you do not meet payroll requirements.  Benefits, including extended health and dental care, are available to Canadian citizens who qualify for payroll with us. Canadian ex-pats working internationally also qualify for benefits.

You can request information about our application process here.

Our agents (ministry projects) receive all the support as a complete package benefiting from bookkeeping and accounting, wages and benefits, donor services and receipts, and Canada Revenue Agency compliance guidance.

No, ministry projects are not limited to work done within Canada. We have ministry projects working in over 100 countries.

Have a question?

Have questions or want more information about GCF or our projects? Contact us, and we’d love to help!


Since 2002, The Great Commission Foundation has enabled ministry projects to thrive by providing charity admin expertise and guidance while promoting collaboration in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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