Missionfest Manitoba 2024
February 2nd, 2024 - February 4th, 2024

For Nonprofits, Charities, and Churches

We will be at Missionfest Manitoba 2024 at the Church of the Rock in Winnipeg this weekend Feb 2-4. Come visit our booth; we’d love to meet you! Learn how we work with ministries in both the US and Canada.

Event Info: https://www.missionfestmanitoba.org/

Donors value a receipt for income tax purposes and tend to give more to non-profits and charities who can provide one. The Great Commission Foundation provides financial supporters with great service from our donations team including an official tax receipt.

Tracking income and expenses for the ministry, for auditors, and for CRA reporting can be time-consuming, and often frustrating. Experienced GCF staff provide processes and assistance to ensure accountability and transparency with ministry finances and remove much of the financial accounting burden. Online access provides an easy way to view and download financial reports.

GCF provides a framework to meet government compliance and regulatory requirements for charities and non-profits. Compliance can be a major distraction for individuals in ministry – GCF helps ministry navigate compliance requirements. We have the experience and knowledge needed to provide direction in these areas, and retain charity specialist lawyers to provide an additional level of expertise.

We believe it is vital that each Agent/Ministry Project of GCF is supported well to optimize ministry impact. We work to meet the unique ministry needs of our Agents/Ministry Projects through a healthy and supportive relationship. Each Agent of GCF receives the care and guidance of an assigned Ministry Account Advisor. GCF’s Ministry Account Advisors help answer questions, give charity compliance guidance, and act as liaisons to GCF’s other departments. As a GCF Agent, your assigned Ministry Account Advisor works with you, prays for you, and assists you in helping the ministry project thrive. We value building into this relationship for long-term success and believe we are stronger together.

Many Canadian Christian charitable organizations recognize the benefits of expanding their donor base in the United States. Americans are very generous to charities. In fact, the United States was ranked the most generous country over the course of the last 10 years.

Through collaboration with our sister organization, Friends of the Great Commission (FGC), we provide a simpler way for ministry to expand into the states. FGC operates as the U.S. head office for the ministry and provides the following U.S. charity guidance and expertise:

1. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Compliance
2. State Government Compliance
3. Donor Services & Official Tax Receipts
4. Bookkeeping & Accounting

Since 2002, The Great Commission Foundation has enabled ministry projects to thrive by providing charity admin expertise and guidance while promoting collaboration in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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