Shelter - Building Homes, Building Hope

El Salvador faces severe challenges that have left over 300,000 families without safe homes. Natural disasters, gang violence, and the aftermath of a 12-year civil war have exacerbated poverty, leaving many hardworking Salvadorans struggling to improve their living conditions. In a country where the need for stable housing is immense, Shelter steps in to provide hope and tangible solutions through their mission of building homes and fostering community development.

Shelter’s approach to alleviating housing insecurity involves deep community partnerships. By developing and working with local leadership teams, Shelter ensures that the families most in need are identified and prioritized. This collaborative effort not only addresses immediate housing needs but also empowers communities, fostering leadership and creating sustainable improvements in living conditions. The involvement of community leaders is crucial, as it brings a localized understanding and tailored support to each project, ensuring effectiveness and relevance.

A core aspect of Shelter’s methodology is the active participation of families in the building process. This engagement provides families with a sense of accomplishment, ownership, and dignity. Rather than being passive recipients of aid, these families contribute their efforts, which reinforces their value and strengthens community bonds. By working alongside families, Shelter demonstrates a commitment to showing love and respect, creating an environment where each person feels valued and empowered.

Since its inception after the devastating earthquakes that struck El Salvador, Shelter has grown remarkably. From the initial efforts of a small group of friends from Alberta who built three homes in a week, the organization has expanded to build over 5,200 homes, impacting more than 20,000 lives. With a dedicated team of over 50 Salvadorans, Shelter not only provides homes but also creates lasting, holistic transformations in communities. Their vision of positive, sustainable change is driven by faith and compassion, ensuring that every action is guided by love, mercy, and a deep commitment to serving those in need.

Ministry Overview:

Shelter is an organization dedicated to providing safe, simple, and cost-effective homes for families in El Salvador who are affected by poverty, natural disasters, and violence. Guided by faith and compassion, Shelter partners with local communities and involves families in the building process to foster ownership and dignity. Since its inception, Shelter has built over 5,200 homes, impacting more than 20,000 lives, and employs a team of over 50 Salvadorans to ensure sustainable and transformative community development.

Prayer Request:

Pray for Shelter and the people of El Salvador, that they may continue to construct and bless more homes for those in need, sharing the love of Jesus with every family they serve.



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