Waverley Abbey's Benj and Brie Gillen - Christian Leaders Discipleship

In an increasingly complex and morally ambiguous world, the need for more Christian leaders has never been more pressing. These leaders serve as pillars of ethical guidance and compassionate service, embodying the teachings of Jesus Christ in their daily actions and decisions. Their presence is essential not only within the church but also in broader societal contexts, where their influence can inspire integrity, justice, and community spirit. By fostering a new generation of Christian leaders, we can ensure that the values of faith, hope, and love continue to shape and uplift our world, providing a steadfast foundation in times of uncertainty and change.

Benj and Brie Gillen are working with Waverley Abbey to encourage, excite, and equip these leaders to embrace their calling and transform the world around them.

Waverley Abbey's rich history as a site of Christian prayer and worship spans over 1,300 years, from its establishment in 688 AD to its role as Britain's first Cistercian monastery in 1128. This enduring legacy, recently continued by the work of Selwyn Hughes and CWR, fuels its current efforts. In partnership with 24-7 Prayer, Waverley Abbey is establishing a new center for prayer, learning, commerce, and connection to address today's profound spiritual, economic, and social upheavals.

Located in a Grade II-listed manor surrounded by 112 acres of Surrey countryside, Waverley Abbey offers a unique retreat experience. The college, a leading provider of Christian Counseling and Chaplaincy training, equips individuals with the skills to lead in their communities. Additionally, Waverley Abbey nurtures young ethical innovators and entrepreneurs, creating a sustainable economic engine to support its vision and other Kingdom endeavors.

By fostering an environment of spiritual growth and practical training, Waverley Abbey ensures that its impact extends far beyond its historic grounds. The combination of serene surroundings, robust educational programs, and entrepreneurial support empowers individuals to make meaningful contributions in various sectors, thereby driving positive change across communities and industries.

Ministry Overview:

Benj and Brie Gillen are working with Waverley Abbey, a coalition of Christian ministries, to address the needs of the Church and the world. Rooted in Waverley Abbey's history as a site of prayer and its use as a WWII hospital, this partnership envisions the Abbey as a "spiritual" hospital to heal and restore Christian leaders. Additionally, just as ancient monasteries were centers of learning, Waverley Abbey is being developed into a world-class Christian University and Resource Centre, training skilled and resilient Gospel champions for various spheres of influence.

Prayer Request:

Pray for Benj and Brie Gillen's work to flourish, so that Waverley Abbey can effectively train and disciple a new generation of Christian leaders. May their efforts bear abundant fruit, equipping future leaders with the skills and spiritual resilience needed to make a profound impact in the Church and the world.



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