Into The Light Ministries - Biblical Healing for Pornography Addiction

The issue of pornography addiction has reached alarming proportions, with children as young as eight encountering explicit content for the first time. This early exposure can have devastating effects on their mental, emotional, and spiritual health, distorting their understanding of sexuality and relationships. Into The Light Ministries is committed to addressing this crisis through a biblical lens, offering transformative solutions grounded in Christian principles. Their mission is to equip a new generation with the tools and knowledge to navigate and overcome the challenges of sexual sin.

At the heart of Into The Light Ministries is the belief that education and proactive intervention are key to combating pornography addiction. The ministry partners with Christian authors and speakers to produce documentaries, podcasts, and video resources that delve into the complexities of biblical sexuality. These resources are designed to be accessible and engaging, providing churches and families with practical guidance on how to approach topics of sexuality and purity. By focusing on video content, Into The Light Ministries meets people where they are, making it easier for them to engage with and benefit from the materials.

Into The Light Ministries is a non-profit organization fueled by the generosity of its supporters. Through crowdfunding, the ministry produces and distributes resources free of charge, ensuring that everyone has access to the help they need. Their vision is to see individuals break free from the bondage of pornography and other sexual sins, finding healing and restoration through the power of Christ. They believe that by educating and empowering parents, they can create a ripple effect that will transform communities and ultimately, society as a whole.

The dedicated team at Into The Light Ministries, led by Jacob Valk and John-Michael Bout, brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to biblical truth. Jacob, with his background in advertising and film, and John-Michael, with his expertise in classics and theology, have co-produced influential documentaries like Ordinary Commission and Into The Light. Together, they are spearheading initiatives such as new video series for parents, translation projects to reach a global audience, and a series of podcast interviews. By supporting Into The Light Ministries, individuals join a movement dedicated to restoring sexual purity and offering hope and healing to those affected by the pervasive issue of pornography addiction.

Ministry Overview:

Into The Light Ministries is dedicated to combating pornography addiction through biblical principles, aiming to equip individuals with tools to overcome sexual sin. Partnering with Christian experts, they create accessible video resources that offer practical guidance to families and churches. Through crowdfunding, they provide these resources for free, aspiring to break the chains of addiction and restore individuals through Christ's power. Led by Jacob Valk and John-Michael Bout, their team drives initiatives like video series for parents and translation projects, aiming to transform communities and promote sexual purity worldwide.

Prayer Request:

Pray for Into The Light Ministries, that the Holy Spirit may use their platform to reach, convict, heal, and transform those battling with pornography.



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