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This project is called Child Services and is carried out by the STTOI students. This service is carried out because many children in rural areas do not pay attention to their parents, are not properly nurtured, and do not have a bright future. Most of them also drop out of school, only finishing elementary school. They are also in a bad family environment. The purpose of this ministry is to bring children to the Lord Jesus and nurture them with the truth of God’s Word so that they can grow in His Word and have a bright environment and a bright future.

The challenge in this service is that the children are located far away in the countryside, and the locations of their homes are far apart from each other. Some parents are also not very supportive of this service. In addition, some children are traumatized by domestic violence or in a bad environment where parents are violent with their children due to alcoholic intake.

In response to this unique challenge, our Children’s Ministry has prayed to God for help to give us wisdom. After that, we, with the existing infrastructure, made regular visits to the children every weekend. We held crusades in their homes, counseled their parents, and held children’s services in their homes in rotation. They are constantly being challenged to accept the Lord Jesus in their hearts, being taught the Word of God continuously. This has had a tremendous impact on their lives as they are being changed by God.

Why give to this project?

We are in need of motorbikes and gasoline to be able to visit them, and stationery for their learning needs. Please provide assistance funds for this urgent need so we are able to visit more children in the interior.

GCF #116

Program Countries: Indonesia

Focuses: Children's Ministry

Team Lead: Ps. Dr. Mirnawati Hutagaol

Team Members: Ps. Dr. Jimmy Siregar, Dr. Marini Stannie

Phone: (+62) 81260407416; (+62) 82160616579

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