10 biggest leadership mistakes nonprofits make — a GCF Webinar with Andrew Olsen

10 biggest leadership mistakes nonprofits make — a GCF Webinar with Andrew Olsen

Chad Bruneski interviewed Andrew Olsen — the author of two Amazon Best Sellers on leadership and fundraising.  This GCF webinar focussed on the leadership missteps that destroy team morale, limit effectiveness, and increase burnout and turnover in organizations. Chad and Andrew also highlighted several tested and proven tools that will help leaders avoid these costly and detrimental mistakes.

This presentation is based on Andrew Olsen’s 2019 #1 Best Seller, “101 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofits Make And How You Can Avoid Them”, and brings to life the 10 biggest leadership mistakes nonprofits make.

Links mentioned in the webinar:

Andrew’s Website: https://andrewolsen.net/

The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast: https://andrewolsen.net/rainmaker-podcast/

101 Biggest Mistakes Book Giveaway Signup: https://mailchi.mp/andrewolsen.net/101_biggest_mistakes_download

Weekly Leadership Email Signup: https://mailchi.mp/0d30eecc8200/weeklyleaderseries

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewolsen/

Andrew’s Bio:

Andrew Olsen, CFRE is the author of two Amazon Best Sellers: 101 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofits Make and How You Can Avoid Them (a #1 Best Seller), and Rainmaking: The Fundraiser’s Guide to Landing Big Gifts. He’s a co-host of the Top 20 Ranked podcast, The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast, and regularly advises nonprofit organizations on major gift strategy and direct response fundraising programs. Andrew is also an instructor at The University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, where he teaches on Annual Fundraising Strategy.

This is the 16th webinar of the Great Commission Foundation’s “Serving Together Series — Perspectives to Help Ministry Thrive“.

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