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Uganda faces a severe maternal and infant health crisis, with approximately 4,600 babies born and 88 dying during childbirth daily. The maternal mortality rate in Uganda is alarmingly high at 343 deaths per 100,000 live births, with around 4,700 maternal deaths occurring each year, particularly affecting young females aged 15-24. The situation is worse in impoverished areas where healthcare fees are unaffordable. Public healthcare services, although officially free, are often inaccessible due to extortion by healthcare workers and overcrowded facilities requiring mothers to provide their own medical supplies.

Mama Imara, a Canadian non-profit organization, partners with the Amani Family Centre to support a vital initiative in the Kanyogoga community of Kampala, Uganda. This Christ-led ministry is dedicated to delivering high-quality, evidence-based maternity and child health care, along with essential social support, to some of East Africa’s most vulnerable and at-risk populations. Their mission is to ensure that maternal care is free, accessible, dignified, and compassionate. The initiative provides comprehensive clinical care, emergency transfer access, regular health screenings, and treatment for common infections such as syphilis, HIV, typhoid, and malaria, ensuring that vulnerable women receive safe, evidence-based maternal and infant care.

Through fundraising efforts, Mama Imara has enabled the Amani Family Centre to relocate to a larger, safer, and cleaner facility. This move has allowed the Centre to launch various programs, including antenatal check-ups, immunization clinics, delivery services, postpartum support, education, and outreach. Additionally, initiatives like the Menstrual Pad Initiative and community support services, such as a food bank and a safe house for mothers requiring protection from abusive relationships, further assist in addressing the needs of the local population. To date, over 1,500 healthy babies have been delivered at the Amani Family Centre. The Centre also provides a space for mothers to meet weekly for mutual support in a savings/business group and offers spiritual support and prayer.

Mama Imara's vision extends beyond the current partnership, aiming to build, staff, and operate multiple birth clinics in Uganda and beyond. They plan to equip community members with healthcare, management, and administrative skills, ensuring long-term sustainability without ongoing external support. As their fundraising efforts grow, Mama Imara intends to expand their model to other communities, hiring local midwives to operate the clinics and create jobs, ultimately reducing maternal mortality and improving maternal health outcomes in Uganda.

Ministry Overview:

Mama Imara, partnering with the Amani Family Centre, is a Christ-led ministry providing high-quality maternity and child health care, social support, and a safe haven for East Africa’s vulnerable population, offering clinical services, emergency care, social assistance, and spiritual support in a slum community setting.

Prayer Request:

Pray for Mama Imara and the Amani Family Center to continue providing essential healthcare and support to East Africa's vulnerable, guided by God's love and grace.



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