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What we do:

Dusty Sandals exists to uplift and encourage South Asian followers of Christ in their work and to enable their ministry through the translation of Bible study materials into local languages.

Although there are translations of the Bible in many South Asian languages, there are very few study materials or resources that are essential for understanding and teaching the Bible. That’s why Dusty Sandals is committed to developing study materials in the native tongues of South Asia.

How we do it:

All our translation is done by qualified South Asian personnel with the heart to serve the Lord in their country. The quality of our work has recently been recognized by SIL and Wycliff teams in India and is being used by them as a resource for translation to other languages.

Dusty Sandals is dedicated to the followers of Christ who walk the streets and pathways of South Asia, serving their country by offering “living water.”

GCF&FCG #1003

Program Countries: India, Nepal

Focuses: Translation, Evangelism

Team Lead: Charanjit Kumar

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