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You can find us about an hour from London in a beautiful part of Surrey called Farnham (England). Waverley Abbey (ruins) and Estate are located on a historic site of Christian prayer and outreach that goes back 1400 years. In 2023, God gave our leadership team a unique opportunity to re-establish Waverley Abbey as a new Abbey for a new generation.


Waverley Abbey is a partnership of Christian ministries collaborating to meet the needs of the Church and the world. Our vision is rooted in Waverley Abbey’s history. First, just like Waverley Estate was used as a hospital during WWII, we believe God wants to use Waverley Abbey as a “spiritual” hospital to receive, “bandage up", and restore Christian leaders to the front lines of ministry. Second, just as old monasteries were centres of education, Waverley Abbey is being developed as a world-class Christian University and Resource Centre to train skilled, resilient, Gospel champions in their spheres of influence.


1.  Christian Retreat: Our serene Abbey Estate and stunning scenery is a “thin place” (Celtic term for places God feels especially near) for leaders and pilgrims seeking spiritual renewal through a guided retreat or simply to participate in our prayer community’s spiritual rhythms.

2.  Training & Education: With a Christian University on site, we offer Christian training for counsellors, chaplains, and spiritual directors. We are also developing a Centre for Spiritual Formation that resources and trains Christian leaders for effective ministry, the marketplace, and across the world.

3.  Convening a new wave of influencers: True to its ecumenical heart, we have a unique opportunity to convene local (and international) Christian leaders from various streams to come to Waverley Abbey to pray together, share ideas, and collaborate on Kingdom initiatives. We also want to incubate young innovators and entrepreneurs starting up ethical businesses that invest in local communities and the planet.


Would you consider partnering with Brie and I as we help the team at Waverley Abbey? In this post-pandemic “permacrisis”, God is inviting us to partner with Him to revive the “ruins” and see His Church once again fully alive, in love, on purpose, and equipped to courageously meet the needs around it. Brie and I need a team around us to financially and prayerfully support us in this work. We’d love you to become partners by following the instructions to the right of this page. We’ll be in touch. Thank you!

GCF #1424

Program Countries: England

Focuses: Education, Counseling, Discipleship, Leadership Development, Missionary/Missions Training, Spiritual Direction

Team Lead: Jill Weber

Team Members: Benj & Brie Gillen, Charlie Kang, Genevieve Sutton, Mim Briggs, Frances McLaren

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