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We say that Imuhira Heza (Kirundi for “Home of Majesty”) is not an Orphanage, it is a Home. We say the 15 children living there who have lost their birth parents are not orphans, and the 2 moms who care for them are not widows, even though they have lost their earthly husbands.  We are not waiting for the children to be adopted, because together they already are a family, and they are all part of the larger Family of God.  We are not hoping for them to leave Burundi, because we believe that God specifically created each one and intentionally planted them there to help grow His Kingdom in that beautiful but broken land.

Imuhira Heza is the inaugural project of COS-Burundi (Christian Orphanage Services of Burundi), a registered non-profit organization founded and directed by Mr. Boneko Bonaventure.  Since growing up as an orphan with his widowed mother, after his father was killed in 1993 during the civil strife brought on by tribal unrest, he has felt the call on his life to care for widows and orphans.  Boneko has seen many atrocities of injustice, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, he has responded with faith and hope, and in 2020, he founded COS-Burundi.

In 2020, Boneko bought a small plot of land in 2020, on which he hoped to build a home, not for himself, but for widows and orphans in his neighbourhood.  In 2021, a young man from Canada heard of Boneko's dream and gave his tithe to support him, and with that small gift a strong foundation of stone and cement was immediately laid, as well as a foundation of trusting in God’s Faithful Provision.  Through God's faithfulness, construction finished and 2 widows & 13 children moved in on June 20, 2022.  In 2023, 2 more children joined, making them a family of 17.

The long-term vision of Imuhira Heza is that it may be so much more than just a shelter for the poor, but that it may be just one of many homes where the poor live in dignity and freedom in the Kingdom of God, knowing they have purpose.  A home where widows know their value as the Bride of Christ, created not to live in impoverished dependence upon the handouts of others, but to be treasured women living in intimate dependence on God Alone.  A home where children thrive through learning of God’s Grace as well as acquiring skills and knowledge needed to help build God’s Kingdom in the beautiful land of Burundi. Boneko’s hope is that Imuhira Heza be a light for people to see and understand that God loves all people; that they are valuable to Him and to society, regardless of their high or low status.

To learn more about Imuhira Heza, visit: imuhiraheza.org

How You Can Help

Imuhira Heza is a ministry for Burundians, begun and led by Burundians, with the support of the church abroad. May we, as the body of Christ, join with our brothers and sisters as God heals their land and redeems them to His heart through the wisdom, skills, and resources that He has given to them. Please join through gifts of prayer and tithes, which help provide strength, encouragement, and necessities so that they may stand once again in the place that God intends for them.

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Program Countries: Burundi

Focuses: Orphan Care

Team Lead: Boneko Bonaventure

Team Members: Rick Luth

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